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The ISAC Model of HILI Development®

A Core Specialty area for aRise to GreatnessTM is the ISAC Model of HILI Development.® Our ISAC Model of HLI Development® leads individuals through the examination, experience, and embracing of their Holistic Integrated Leader Identity.

The ISAC Model of HILI Development ® teaches Leaders how to embrace and empower the synergistic integration of SELF (Heart, Mind, Body, and Spirit), Mindset (Internalized Moral Perspective, Self-Awareness, Authenticity, and Commitment to Serve (Servant Leadership)) and Identity (in the role of Leader) in the interpretation and practice of leadership.

Leaders who align with our ISAC Model of HILI Development® are Equipped, Empowered, and Established in their HILI, they become better able to lead because they:

  • Equip, Empower, and Establish Others to Act
  • Embody Servant Leadership
  • Encourage a Shared Vision
  • Establish Change to and Challenge the Process
  • Lead Direction, Alignment, and Commitment (DAC)

Whether working with an individual Leader or an organization-wide initiative, we facilitate individuals growing in their HILI. We explore development through boeth individual and group engagements.

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