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Hi, I am Dr. Que, Principal Consultant and Chief Holistic Integration Officer of aRise to Greatness. I am a firm believer in Wholeness- wholeness of heart, mind, body, soul, and embracing one’s true self. I hold a Doctor of Strategic Leadership, Master of Divinity, and a Master of Arts in Human Service Counseling. These degrees coupled with my natural gifts and talents empower my holistic approach to life, learning, training, and development and allows me the unique perspective of recognizing and understanding interpersonal, organizational and leadership issues from the Business and Psychological (and sometimes Spiritual) aspect. As a Certified Advanced Human Behaviorist, Growth Coach, Professional in Human Resources, and DiSC® and FIRO-b® Assessment Instrument administrator, I specialize in facilitating the individual’s knowledge and understanding of ‘WHO’ they are at their core and how ‘WHO’ they are shows up in their interpersonal relationships and their interpretation and practice of leadership. I would love the opportunity to walk beside you as Your Road Map to Your Journey to the Greatness Within®

Letter to Clients

Hello Fellow Leader

Thank you for being you!

I have a heart for and believe in people. I desire for everyone to discover, grow in, experience, embrace, and apply their ‘Who’ and ‘Why’ of being; and then to live and lead out of that place (I refer to this as Holistic Functioning). I wholeheartedly believe that successful Leaders are Self-Aware, Authentic, and Committed to Serve. Therefore, understanding your personality and behavior coupled with the integration of your Heart, Mind, Body, and Spirit are paramount to you being a success in your personal and professional life. In that vein, those of us who are Holistic Functioning are equipped to lead from our hearts in full spirit, empowered to be our authentic selves, committed to self-awareness and service to others, and able to model and encourage others to do the same.

I make the conscious and deliberate choice daily to lead from my ISAC and HILI by utilizing my gifts, talents, knowledge, skills, and abilities for the growth and empowerment of individuals, my community, and our world.  Through relationships, putting the needs and aspirations of others above my own, and commitment to serving others, I am creating the change I want to be and see in this world.

I am fully committed to helping others Equip, Empower, Establish the Greatness Within!® Walking beside and supporting other Leaders as they discover how to integrate their Heart, Mind, Body, and Spirit with Self– Becoming and Being Holistic Functioning–is my purpose; it is what fulfills me! It is also the purpose and promise of aRise to Greatness.

aRise to Greatness! Equip Empower Establish the Greatness Within! ®

In Service,
Dr. Que

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